The chef selects local artisans, livestock farmers, farmers, and producers who are solicitous over the quality of their products.

The flour from Mr David  Pocques in Lottinghem
The cheese from the Bernard Brothers from the Ferme du Vert (green farm) in Wierre-Effroy
The snails from the snail farm in Radinghem
The fish and seafood come from the Martin Establishments’ Boulogne fish auction
The goat cheese from Mr Vernier’s  Authie valley farm in Hesdin
The flowers and the herbs from Mr Blary in Buysscheure
The vegetables from Mrs Colin in Clairmarais
The beers from the Brewery of Saint Omer
The strawberries  from Mrs Lambriquet in Eperlecques
The farm poultry from Licques
The potatoes from our friends Sylvie and Alexandre

My team preciously collaborates. These following men and women enjoy their jobs: Céline, Margaux, Laurie, François, Xavier, Fabien, Kevin, Damien…


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Ouvert le midi du Mardi au Dimanche de 12h à 14h
Ouvert le soir du Mardi au Samedi de 19h à 22h

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